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Welcome back everyone!! Wishing our students, parents and staff a Happy New School Year. Thank you all for a great start to our year ahead. The commitment of our parents to have your children in school every day, in uniform and with big smiles on their faces is an achievement in itself and we as a staff would like to thank you all very much.

We had a very busy summer. Alan Dunne our BOM Parent representative painted our side wall, sponsored by Capital Credit Union on Cork Street. BAM fenced off the bin area, Declan painted many places throughout the school and Sinead Connell added some magic in the school with our ‘Wonderwall’. I would like to thank all the staff for their incredible work over the last year, they are definitely the hardest working staff in Dublin.

It has been a busy year already, we launched our new Active School Flag, we have our new committees for Active Schools, Green Schools and Creative Schools. We have already been on some very enjoyable and educational trips already! We have gone to the Botanic Gardens, the Royal College of Surgeons and The Ark to name a few. The Confirmation girls attended mass in Donore Avenue along with Warrenmount Convent and we had our whole school Assembly on Fridays.

Our After-School Clubs, run by the teachers on a volunteer basis are back. This year we are delighted to offer Football, Athletics, Music, Coding, Baking, Drama and Swimming. We would encourage all children to take part in whatever club is offered to your class. We also welcomed Dilbara our piano teacher who works with the senior classes twice a week.

We were very sad to say goodbye to our Magnificent May, the longest serving lollipop lady in Dublin. She was with us 36 years and we are going to miss her wonderful smile, kindness and sense of humour so much. We wish her all the happiness in her retirement. With the closing of one door another one opens. We would like to welcome Ms Sinéad Connolly in JI and Mr Eoin Bonner in SET to the staff in Warrenmount, two fantastic teachers whom we wish the very best in their teaching careers.

We have started Guided Reading in classes from SI-6TH. We are asking all parents to spend time each evening listening to your child’s homework as this will help their learning. We are also looking for any parents who are interested in joining our parents committee or helping out in the school in whatever way they can.

We are looking forward to a busy, enjoyable and exciting year ahead!

Nadine Doherty


December is our busiest and happiest month! We have so many wonderful events coming up for the children and also for their parents! Santa Claus is coming from the North Pole to visit all the Warrenmount boys and girls, we have our Christmas Raffle with fabulous prizes and the Garda Band is visiting to play for us all! The Choir have been practicing their songs and all the classes are preparing Christmas performances for their families to enjoy.

On behalf of all the staff, I want to thank all our parents for your continuing support to the school.

Have a very happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

School will open as usual at 9:00am on the 7th of January :)

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We have had another very exciting, busy (and spooky) month!

We celebrated Maths Week on 15th of October. Our parents came to Fourth Class and played lots of games with their children! We went on Maths Trails to St. Patrick’s Park and solved lots of tricky puzzles around the school!

The Active School Committee launched their programme in the P.E. Hall. The whole school got involved and we all danced the Macarena together!! We had a competition for the best Active Slogan – ‘Don’t Sit, Get Up and Get Fit!’ was the one that won! The Creativity in the Classroom programme is running very well with parents joining in today to help with some masterpieces!

Once again, we were out and about in our local area! Fourth Class had a great time with author Sarah Webb in Dubray Books and First Classes met Bressie who talked to them about his new book! Senior Infants went on a Nature Walk to St. Kevin’s Park. Third Classes went on a Historic Trail of The Liberties. Did you know that The Liberties is Dublin’s oldest neighbourhood? We are lucky that we are just a short walk away from some of the most historic parts of Ireland!

Our Halloween celebrations were so much fun! Everyone, including the teachers, dressed up in very scary costumes. Early Start put on a concert for their families! Third Classes went on a spooky tour of Marshes Library and our School Choir sang lots of Halloween songs for everyone. We had a Halloween disco in the Hall with games, treats and lots of dancing! Please check out our school website and Twitter to see all the fun photos!

Thank you, as always, to our wonderful parents who help us every day. We are delighted to have your children here with us in Warrenmount!

I hope everyone has a fantastic mid-term.

See you all on Monday November 5th!


Well done to everyone on a great start back to school! Thank you to our parents who have their children beautifully presented and on time for school every day.

This year we have a new Active School Committee who is working hard to ensure everyone is getting more active, more often. Our Green School Team is aiming for their fourth flag under the theme of Marine Environment. Creativity in the Classroom has started back and
our school is also involved in a new Creative Schools Project.

We have been on some very enjoyable and educational trips already! We have gone to the Botanic Gardens, St. Patricks Cathedral, Castletown House, the Royal College of Surgeons and Bull Island.

Please check the school website for our calendar and details of all our events!

Our After-School Club has started back and is also running a club for Infant Classes from 1.40 to 2.40. This year we are delighted to offer Football, Athletics, Music, Science and Swimming as part of our after-school programme.

Please remember that Ms. Ring and I are on the yard every morning if you would like to speak to us!

We are looking forward to a busy, vibrant and exciting year ahead!

Ms. Noone

‘The challenge is ours today to allow the love of God to touch the hearts of our students so that they will find their true meaning and purpose in life.’

Presentation Sisters

06 2022
June Bank Holiday
The Active Schools Commitee have gone above and beyond by setting up and helping children in Junior Infants with various "Active Zone games ". It looks like Ms.Bonner's are absolutely loving it! Have a look at the pictures below!
Our Green Team are preparing to launch year 2 of our campaign for the Green Schools Travel Flag.
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