Green schools

Green schools

Well Done to the Green Schools Committee and everyone in Warrenmount who this week earned our 4th Green Flag. We were awarded the Global Citizenship: Marine Environment Theme Flag. Unfortunately we will not be able to raise our flag until September, but we will continue to be a Green School from home!!

St. Louis Infant School



Our new noticeboard: Thank you 4th class and Ms Carty!!!

The Green Schools Committe are back! Our first meeting was held on October 4th 2019. Ms Doherty is our Green teacher and our committee is made up of boys and girls from SI-6th class. We had a very productive first meeting, mainly discussing ideas for our 2019/20 Action Plan. Ms Doherty told the committee about all the ideas she got from attending the Teacher's seminar in Croke park the day before.

In preparation for Climate Action Week we watched a short documentary on marine pollution.


Art Competition Winners for Climate Action Week!!

Check out our Action Plan for Pres Primary Warrenmount

  • Classes SI-6th will watch a documentary/cartoon related to the Marine Environment. Teachers can check out options on the Green Schools folder on the common server
  • Art Competition: Our Oceans 2019 v Our Oceans 2029
  • School Survey to fins out about the usage of reusable water bottles at home and in school.

GS Meeting Novemeber 7th


  • Planned a Turn it Off Day Nov27th
  • Discussed, analysed and represented the results from the Water Bottle Survey on our noticeboard. We decided it would be a good idea to extend the reusable water bottle usage to SI and 1st classes. We launched the One Bottle Warrenmount initiative in the school.
  • We agreed to meet again in December.


Green Schools Committee Members who attended Life Below Water Workshop in Tallaght on Thursday Nov 28th.


We are very lucky to have an active and energetic Green School Committee. The Committee is made up of 11 girls from 2nd to to 6th class and Ms Doyle, Ms Doherty and Ms Kennedy.

We already have three flags - ‘Litter and Waste’, ‘Energy’ and 'Water'. This year we are busy working towards our 4th Green under the theme of 'Caring for the Marine Environment'. This is a 2 year project.

In November we surveyed our pupils and staff to find out how much they knew about dangers to marine life.


Our new 'Green Code' is 'Keep the Marine Clean'.

We will be learning about how we can help all Marine life and save them from the danger of pollution.

Our Green School noticeboards are on the hall corridor, displaying recent work and projects. Here is one of our lovely boards designed by some of the students.

In December we ran a think before you flush campaign in the school. Every teacher taught a lesson using the resources and posters send to us from Clean Coasts.

In March we ran our Big Green Action Day. It was focused on reminding the school community about the ongoing work we do for our current green flags. We ran an art competition, had a Big Green Quiz, a Big Clean on the school grounds and the 5th class made projects on the Marine Environment.

In April, Mairead Stack from Heritage Ireland visited all the classes in the school to tell us about Marine Life and caring for the Marine Environment. 2nd-6th classes went on a trip to Bull Island Visitor Centre and Dollymount Strand where we learned more about the habitat and how to care for it.

Our committee were very happy with the work carried out and awareness generated in year 1 of the Marine Environment theme. We look forward to year 2.


We are also still continuing to work on reducing litter and waste, saving energy and reducing our water usage. We are very proud of the 3 Green Flags we have been awarded already!

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