Green schools

Green schools

Green Schools 2022/23


Our new committee met for the first time on Friday to discuss our plans for the next two years. We start working towards a new flag for Global Citizenship: Biodiversity.

We reminded all classes of what they can do in their classrooms regarding litter and waste, saving energy and water, taking care of our marine environment and travel.

This week is Walk to School Week so we launched a campaign to encourage our school community to follow last year's Green Code: Get out of the car it's not that far!!!


Our Green Team are preparing to launch year 2 of our campaign for the Green Schools Travel Flag. Travel is the fifth theme of the Green-Schools programme that we are aiming to add to our Warrenmount GS flags. We have flags in the following themes: Energy, Litter & Waste, Water and Marine Environment. Keep up to date with our action planning and initiatives throughout this 2021-22 school year!! Our slogan is........

Get Out of the Car it's Not That Far


Noticeboards Raising Awareness in Warrenmount

Get Out of the Car it's Not That Far

Our Green Team are very focused on raising awareness around good green practices. We have numerous posters and noticeboards to keep our school community informed of all the things they can do, big and small.