6th class work for May the week of May the 25th


Hello all my lovely girls !

Great to have seen some of you last week on Google Classroom. Hopefully more of you will join next Wednesday at 11.am. Could everyone try to be on time for next week thank you.

The password is warrenmount. We will be going over English spellings and their meanings. We will correct Mental Maths week 24. We will also look at Irish spellings too, so please have that work ready on Wednesday thank you.

We will put them all together and make a video for the end of year.

Here is some work for the week ahead.



Continue reading a chapter of your novels each day. If any of you have finished your novel please read your library books daily.

There is also a great website called storyberries.com with loads of different stories for all levels. If you click in to 10-12 year old content. You could choose to add this to your reading once a week.

Also you can download free audible books on www.allyoucanbooks.com


Continue to do ½ a page of handwriting Monday to Friday.

If anyone is finished their handwriting book there is a great website called www.handwritingpractice.net which is very helpful.


Cjfallon.ie are offering free access to children and teachers during this period. If you click on top link that says Important Notice- It’s in a Yellow box

Then click primary 6th class and then subject English and then click the book “A way with words”, you can log in by giving an email address and your name.

This week if you could do Unit 8. Read the comprehension and answer the questions.

Spellings for the week

Please do 4 spellings a week to learn and put into sentences. Use online dictionaries to look up definitions and please write these definitions down. If parents could do a spelling test at the end of the week to help the girls stay on task that would be great.

















Reading groups who are reading Sleeping Baobab read chapter 11 and 12 and do a synopsis of the two chapters. Write 10 sentences for each chapter and include the main events of each chapter.

Group reading Peppermint Pig by Nina Bawden-

Can you reread chapter 13 and 14 and do a synopsis of each chapter.

Your synopsis should be no more than 10 sentences, giving the important information in each chapter. Read over your work and see if the synopsis makes sense and contains the important information.


Tables 10X11X12X. Practice during the week and ask your parents to give you a test on a Friday along with English and Irish spellings to keep you on track.

You can practice these on www.multipication.com for free each day

Continue a week of mental maths Monday to Friday.

Cracking Maths P121 Money

Monday: Q 1 and 2

Tuesday: Q 3 and 4

Wednesday: p122 Q 5. A, b, c.

Thursday : p122 and P123 Q1 a to h. All prices + 20% Vat

Friday: page P123 q 1, 2,3,4 – Foreign exchange


Girls you have your Bun go Barr so could you go to chapter 17 “ Ag sciail san iodail.” You can go on to CJ fallon website and listen to the recording of this chapter. I will go over vocabulary on Wednesday with you all.

Spellings 4 a day to learn and put into sentences:

I’m revising words on weather that we know all ready this week as we need to use and practice them as much as possible

Lá ghrianmhar

A sunny day

An geimhridh


Lá fluich

A wet day

An samhradh


Lá ghaofar

A windy day

An t-earrach


Lá bhrothallach

A foggy day

An tintreach


Lá te

A hot day



Ag cur báistí


An toirneach


Thiomáin sé

He drove

Ghearr sí

She cut

D’fhulaing mé

I suffered

D’inis sé

He told

Rug sí

She grabbed



Write about people in your community who are helping during the Corona Virus- Pick two professions that are helping the community the most. What is their job, what does it involve and how are they helping, Write 10 sentences for each profession chosen.


On CJ fallon website click into 6thclass SESE and click on History Quest. Go to chapter 9 on Marie Curie. Read the chapter and write a synopsis of her life and what she is famous for. 10 to 15 sentences please


In the notebooks I sent you could you continue writing 3 good things that happen each day.

I’m also uploading a few pages from Weaving Well Being – which you can complete over the week.

It also would be a good idea to keep meditating. There is a utube 5 minute video for coherent breathing which is really calming and easy to follow.

Here is the link www.otb.ie/ weaving wellbeing also and go to Mindfulness Meditations.

Also Bressie has a wellbeing Instagram page which gives tips and ideas of staying healthy in your mind during this time.

Stay safe and I’ll have more work for you all next week !

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