Ms.Tolan's Senior Infants June 15th-19th

Ms.Tolan's Senior Infants June 15th-19th

Ms.Tolan's Senior Infants

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♥♥♥Hello everyone!!♥♥♥

Another week of dedicated and wonderful work! But , don't forget to get out and play in that wonderful Summer sun this week! Knowing Ireland it won't last long!!

I'm so happy with of all the work and dedication over the last few weeks! You should , both parents and children, be very proud!

There is no pressure to cover all work documented




CJ Fallon Sounds Like Phonicshas a great website. You can find it at this link:

Choose the Sounds Like Phonics C book and go to Unit 1: The Aquarium on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Unit 2: The Doctor's Surgery on Friday


Monday: Double Consonants Revision

SLP Tues.jpg

Tuesday: Hard and soft c and g: Hard and soft c

SLP Wed.jpg

Wednesday: Hard and soft c and g: Hard and soft g


Thursday: Hard and soft c and g: Revision

slp fri.JPG

Friday: Unit 2: The Doctor's Surgery: Vowel teams /ee/ sound ee ea


There are super online games, videos and activities for children to practice their blending of sounds.

Every day I will give children a1) blending practice video and a 2) word blending online game.

floss rule.jpg

double consonants.jpg


  1. Revision of double consonants words blending video :
  2. Wellington’s Double consonant game :

Tuesday :

  1. Soft and Hard C blending video :
  2. Help the Hedgehog reading and blending game – Phase 3 ( ch , sh , th , ng ) :


  1. Soft and hard G blending video / activity :
  2. Soft C and Soft G Penalty Shoot out :

Rules : Pick your player and then press “ kick off”. A sentence is given with an initial sound missing , you must pick the word with the ending double consonant which makes sense. You must then try to score a goal!


  1. Hard and Soft C and G blending video :
  2. Hard and Soft C and G penalty shoot out game:


  1. ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ blending song :
  2. Forest Phonics game – ‘ee’ sound :


Dolch or sight words are words that are the most common words in the English language. Therefore, it is important for children to be thoroughly aware of these words for more fluid reading.

We asking asking parents to work on 5 each day with your child:

Monday: soon, made, run, gave, open

Tuesday: has, find, only, us, three

Wednesday: our, better, hold, buy, funny

Thursday: warm, ate, full, those, done

Friday: Revision of all list 9 dolch words.

Dolch List 9.jpg



In their Spellbound book the children can complete pages 66, 67 and 68.


Monday : Exercise 1 - pg 66

Tuesday : Exercise 2 - pg 66


Wednesday : Exercise 3 - pg 67

Thursday : Exercise 4 - pg 67


Friday : Exercise 1 - pg 68

These are revision weeks in the workbook so there is no need to give a spelling test this week.



Every day in school we practice counting forwards and backwards to 20. Keep this up at home with your child.

  • Count forwards from 1-20 and backwards from 20-1. Ask your child to stand up and sit down for each number, touch their head then their shoulders for each number or shoulders and knees. They should be used to doing this as we do it every day in school!
  • Pick a different number to start and end each time. For example: start at 8 and count forwards to 18. Start at 15 and count backwards to 4. Keep the starting and ending numbers between 1 and 20.
  • Number sequence: Parent says two numbers and the child says the next number. For example: 12, 13, ? 7, 6, ?

For maths this week we are doing some more work on money.

Here are some online games to work on money.

  1. Monday: Match the Coins 5c
  2. Tuesday: Match the Coins 10c
  3. Wednesday: Counting Money
  4. Thursday: Select the Correct Coins (1c)
  5. Friday: Select the Correct Coins (mixed coins)


If your child has their Cracking Maths book at home they can do pages 132-136 this week.


Monday: Page 132


Tuesday: Page 133


Wednesday: Page 134


Thursday: Page 135


Friday: Page 136

Gaeilge - Irish

bua na cainte.jpg

Bua na Cainte is the interactive programme we use to teach Gaeilge in the classroom.

During the school closures, Edco has offered free access to Bua na Cainte for parents, however you will need a computer or laptop to install the software.

To access this excellent resource, do the following:

Go to

    1. Click on the folder that matches the device you are installing it onto – mac or PC.
    2. Choose Senior Infants and click on the setup icon to install it on your device. It takes about 15 minutes to install.
    3. Once it is installed, you can open up the programme and enter the login details

Password: trial Username: trial

The children are very familiar with the characters and the layout so they should be able to navigate through it to find stories, lessons, games and songs.

If you have downloaded and installed Bua na Cainte on your computer you can access the following Irish lessons. If not, you can still teach the vocabulary and play some word games!

This week we are working on the theme 1) An Trá and 2) Mé féin

This week we are working on the theme Ócáidí Speisialta: An Trá (Special Occasions: The Beach)on Monday and Tuesday and Mé Féin (Myself) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday:An TráCeacht 1 (Lesson 1) Click on the yellow speech bubble to watch a video, click on the green music note for a song and then click on the grey game controller for some games.

Tuesday:An TráCeacht 2 (Lesson 2) Click on the yellow speech bubble to watch a video, click on the green music note for a song and then click on the grey game controller for some games.

Wednesday:Mé Féin Ceacht 1 (Lesson 1) Click on the yellow speech bubble to watch a video (Comhrá 1.1) , click on the green music note for a song and then click on the grey game controller for a game (Tasc Éisteachta 1.1).

Thursday:Mé Féin Ceacht 1 (Lesson 1) Click on the yellow speech bubble to watch a video (Comhrá 1.2) , click on the green music note for a song and then click on the grey game controller for a game (Tasc Éisteachta 1.2).

Friday:Mé Féin Ceacht 2 (Lesson 2) Click on the yellow speech bubble to watch a video, click on the green music note for a song and then click on the grey game controller for some games.

The new words for An Tráare:

  • An Trá (on traw) the beach
  • Buicéad (book-aid) bucket
  • Spád (spawd) spade
  • Liathróid (lee-ah-rode) ball
  • Caisleán (cash-lawn) castle
  • Gaineamh (gone-yuv) sand
  • Bád (bawd) boat
  • Iasc (ee-usk) fish
  • An ghrian(on gree-un) the sun
  • Scamall (scom-ull) cloud
  • Te (teh) hot
  • Tirim (tir-um) dry
  • Ag iascaireacht (egg ee-usk-ar-ockt) fishing
  • Ag snámh (egg snawv) swimming
  • Ag déanamh caisleáin (egg day-niv cash-lawn) making a sandcastle

The new words for Mé Féin are:

  • Oisín (ush-een) Oisín (boy's name)
  • Niamh (neev) Niamh (girl's name)
  • Teidí (teddy) teddy
  • Dineasár (deen-ah-sore) dinosaur
  • Daidí (daddy) dad
  • Mamaí (mammy) mam
  • Garda (gar-da) guard/police officer
  • Fear grinn (far green) clown
  • Feirmeoir (fer-ih-more) farmer
  • Dochtúir (duck-toor) doctor
  • Múinteoir (moon-tore) teacher
  • Siopadóir (shup-ah-door) shopkeeper
  • Madra (mod-rah) dog
  • Cearc (cyarck) hen
  • (bow) cow
  • Coileach (cull-yock) rooster
  • Capall (cop-ull) horse
  • Muc (muck) pig
  • Asal (oss-ull) donkey
  • Caora (cuh-wair-ah) sheep


Tips :

  • It would be great to print the flashcards out if you can, or write these words (with pictures if you can) on paper / card and play some simple games in order to help the children remember the words.
  • You could play a scavenger hunt with the flash cards and get them to go find it e.g. "Ba mhaith liom ..." (I would like...) and they must go find it
  • Playing memory games with the flashcards are great too. Lay out 3 or 4 of the cards, let them memorise where they are, close their eyes and take away one. Ask “Cad atá imithe?”Cod a-taw im-ee-ha? (What is missing?) They must remember the missing word and answer “Tá ________ imithe!” Ask them to challenge you too!
  • You could print or make 2 sets of the cards and play ‘Pairs’ with your child. Lay the cards out upside down. Turn a card over and say the word on it, turn another card over and say the word. If the 2 cards match you can keep them. If they don’t match, the cards are turned upside down again and it’s the next player’s turn. The trick is to remember which cards are where. The person with the most matching pairs at the end of the game wins.

You can play a guessing game with the flashcards. Hide a flashcard behind your back and get your child to guess what it is by asking “An __________ é? On _______ ay? If they are correct you can answer “Sea” Sh-ah , if they do not guess correctly you can answer “Ní hea” nee hah. You can also let your child hide the flashcard while you guess what it is!


This week we are learning all about Safari Animals of the Serengeti .

Small World Pages Based On Topic: Pg 54+55

20813-1 (1).jpg

SM P54 55.JPG

Additional Worksheets and Activities :

what belongs.jpg

animal tracing.jpg

simile safari.jpg


poem 1.jpg

poem 2.jpg

poem 3.jpg

Informational Videos :

10 Facts about the Serengeti:

Safari Animals ( short ):

Footage of Safari Animals:

National Geographic Kids : Safari Animals


Guess the Safari Animal Game - Guess the Safari Animal

Songs :

Pinkfong Hakuna Matata Safari animal song

Walking in the Jungle

Big Book : Giraffes Can't Dance

giraffes cant dance.jpg

Read aloud

Here are some printable PDF worksheets for the story Giraffes Can’t Dance: Giraffes Can't Dance Worksheets.pdf



Choose from any of these arts and crafts options :

Drawing :

How to draw a lion:

How to draw a monkey

How to draw a giraffe :

How to draw all Safari Animals:

Painting :




Construction :








  1. Monday : Joe Wicks Live @ 9:00
  2. Tuesday : Cosmic Kids – : Kickapoo The Kangaroo :
  3. Wednesday : Go Noodle –Roar! Guided Dance :
  4. Thursday : 10@10 , Episode 8 :
  5. Friday : Joe Wicks Live @ 9:00



Out of the Ark have provided free access to their website during school closures. You can find it at this link This week we are going to try some songs from the ‘Just For Fun’section of the website

  1. Monday: The Bonkers Song
  2. Tuesday: Nursery Rhyme Nonsense
  3. Wednesday: What A Flexible Body
  4. Thursday: I Like Books!
  5. Friday: The Chocolate Song

Here is a sample daily timetable to give some structure to your day. Please note this is just a sample and does not have to be followed!




Handwriting and Spellbound




Phonics activities


Snack and break time (go outside or GoNoodle/Cosmic Yoga)


Sight Word Activities/Dolch Words




Maths games, counting and worksheets






Art, Play- lego, jigsaws, playdough, colouring etc.


School finished

Please Note :

  • **If your child works with Doherty, Ms. Staunton, Ms. Hanrahan, Ms. Lindon, Ms. O’Rourke or Ms. DeForge please check their page on the website for more home learning activities for your child**
  • Extra activities and challenges will be posted on our Class Dojo page so make sure to have a look there too! If you would like to send me a picture of your child's work you can upload it to their portfolio or send it in a message to me and I will look at it.
  • Again there is no pressure to get all of the work documented done but every little helps!

If you have any questions at all please do send me a message and I will answer as swiftly as I can!

My email is : 😊 or message me on Class Dojo!

Keep up the great work, stay safe and happy!

My kindest regards:

Ms.Tolan 😊


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