First Class Maths Groups Ms.Healy/Ms.Coyne June 22nd to 26th

Hello boys and girls.I hope you are getting out for fresh air most days and playing with friends.Have a look at the activities below and do your best.
First Class Maths Groups Ms.Healy/Ms.Coyne June 22nd to 26th

Keep Skip Counting

You can practice counting in 2s,5s and 10s using this site:

Numerals from 1-1000

Keep practising reading big numbers on houses, buses, signs and pages in a book.

Revise the 100 square

If you have one in your maths book,play a game with someone where you cover one of the numbers with a coin or something small. The other person has to guess which number is covered and explain how they figured it out.

Look at the 100 square. Look at the puzzle pieces taken from the 100 square and use your detective skills to figure out which numbers are missing in the squares. A number or 2 is given as a clue .

100sq.jpg100 sq puzzle piece 1.jpg100 sq puzzle piece 2.jpg

If you get stuck,see if you can match the piece to the 100 square shown.

Here are some sites/games that will help you with tens and units, ordering numbers up to 100

Here is a game to help you practice adding doubles

This next game allows you to practise number bonds to 10/20/100 and doubles to 10 and beyond!

Have a lovely summer. Goodbye to the boys, I will miss you! Good luck in your new school.

I hope to see the girls back in second class.

Best wishes Ms.Lindon

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