Green schools

Green schools

We are very lucky to have an active and energetic Green School Committee. The Committee is made up of 11 girls from 2nd to to 6th class and Ms Doyle, Ms Doherty and Ms Kennedy.

We already have three flags - ‘Litter and Waste’, ‘Energy’ and 'Water'. This year we are busy working towards our 4th Green under the theme of 'Caring for the Marine Environment'. This is a 2 year project.

In Novemeber we surveyed our pupils and staff to find out how much they knew about dangers to marine life.


Our new 'Green Code' is 'Keep the Marine Clean'.

We will be learning about how we can help all Marine life and save them from the danger of pollution.

Our Green School noticeboards are on the hall corrider, displaying recent work and projects. Here is one of our lovely boards designed by some of the students.


We are also still continuing to work on reducing litter and waste, saving energy and reducing our water usage. We are very proud of the 3 Green Flags we have been awarded already!

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