Presentation Day November 21st

Celebrating Nano Nagle
Presentation Day November 21st

Yesterday, November 21st we celebrated Presentation Day. On this special day every year we remember the life and work of our Presentation foundress Nano Nagle. Presentation Primary Warrenmount and Presentation Secondary Convent Warrenmount joined in celebration to mark the occasion. Fr David lead the celebration, the 3rd class choir sang beautifully and girls from both school read prayers. It was a fitting celebration that Nano deserved.

Presentation Sisters, Presentation teachers and their co-workers continue the work of education and life-long learning. Nano valued education and worked tirelessly to make it available to people of her time.

Nano lived out the Nagle family motto throughout her life ‘not words but deeds’. It is our task and privilege to continue what Nano Nagle began over 200 years ago.

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