Ms Diskin 5th Class May 25th -29th

Ms Diskin 5th Class May 25th -29th

5th Class Ms Diskin May 25th -29th

Hi Girls

I hope you are all keeping well. Also I hope that those of you celebrating Eid had a lovely weekend. It was lovely to see some of you at the school gates last week. This week we will focus on Geography. We will take the chance to review our knowledge of Ireland. We will review each county with its rivers mountains lakes and other landmarks. We will video chat at 1pm on Tuesday and 12 noon on Friday.

The work for the week is as follows:

Monday May 25th

Math Time Week 34A

Read a chapter of your library book. If the chapters are long then read half.

Start your Geography by writing out a list of the 32 counties in the island of Ireland (26 in the Republic of Ireland and 6 in Northern Ireland)

Leave lots of space beside each county because tomorrow you will add the rivers lakes and mountains.

Tuesday May 26th

Math Time Week 34B

Continue with your Geography

Today you will write the main rivers lakes and mountains beside each county. Use an online atlas to help you

Google Class video chat at 1pm an hour later than usual because I have an online meeting at 12 with Ms Noone

Wednesday May 27th

Math Time week 34C

Read a chapter of your library book


Pick one county in Ireland to create a project on.

Make sure to have at least 10 interesting facts. You can choose to focus on anything you like about the county. You might like to include information about the following:

county flag, population, whether its coastal or inland, industry, agricultural or non-agricultural. Whether you’ve been there and what you liked or didn’t like about it. As usual you can use your imagination and be creative

Thursday May 28th

Math Time Week 34D

Read a chapter of your library book

Continue with Geography Project

Friday May 29th

Math Time Week 34E

Read a chapter of your library book

Finish your Geography Project and submit it to me

Google chat at 12noon and Roblux afterwards

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