Home learning for 3rd/4thClass October 14th

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a good day yesterday and that you had enough work to keep you going. Remember to take breaks, get some fresh air if you can and keep washing your hands.

We hope to be back at school tomorrow ,Thursday, so a reminder to wear a tracksuit and runners for PE with Jenny.

A suggested timetable for today Wednesday 14th October

9.00 Maths Time test C

9.30 English Writing activity

10.30 break

11.00 Cracking Maths

11.30 Gaeilge-rann

12.15 lunch

In the afternoon log on to Oxford Owls and read your assigned book. Put the next 4 spellings into sentences and take a photo and send them to me. Practise your next 4 spellings and Monday and Tuesday’s ones too. The full list for each class can be found in the homework section posted on Monday.

Here are the answers to yesterdays Maths Time B

Answers to MT 3 Test B for Wed.jpg

Here is Maths Time 3 Test C

Maths Time 3 C and D.jpg

Cracking Maths 3

I hope you managed ok with subtracting HTU with renaming. Here are 4 more sums for you to try. Write them underneath eachother, biggest number at the top. Put HTU at the top to help you put each number in the right place. Lastly, don't forget to TAKE AWAY!

Watch out for d) - it is like the tricky sum I showed you yesterday.

Remember if the amount at the top is smaller to

"knock next door and ask for more". If the tens number needs more, you knock to the hundreds.

There is also a little joke there.

You could try another tricky sum like 600-234. See how it goes. It's good to try tricky things. You knock to the hundreds but give it to the tens first because 100 is 10 tens. Next borrow 1 of those tens to help the units (leaving 9 behind). Good luck!

Take a photo of your work and send it to me.

Cracking Maths 3 Wednesday.jpg

English written activity

Look at each sentence and read it carefully. There will be an extra word stuck in which doesn't make sense. Find the word and rewrite the sentence with the extra word removed.

At the bottom we can put some of those bossy verbs we have been using in procedure Writing to tell the hands what to do. You could trace around your own hands for that exercise.

English Activity Wed.jpg

Gaeilge :rann

Duilleoga Deasa (Dill o ga jassa) (pretty leaves)

Duilleoga deasa deasa,

Duilleoga deasa buí,

Duilleoga deasa deasa,

Ag damhsa (dowsa) ar an gcraobh. (grave) (dancing on thebranch)

Duilleoga deasa deasa,

Duilleoga deasa buí,

Duilleoga deasa deasa,

Ag imeacht (im oct) leis an ngaoth.(nay) (blowing in the wind)

Scriobh amach an rann seo agus tarraing pictuir (write it out and decorate it)

Dean iarracht e a fhoghlaim (try to learn it)

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