Home learning for 3rd/4thClass October 13th

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a good day yesterday and that you had enough work to keep you going. Remember to take breaks, get some fresh air if you can and keep washing your hands.
Home learning for 3rd/4thClass October 13th

A suggested time table for today Tuesday 13th October

9.00 Maths Time test B

9.30 Gaeilge

10.30 break

11.00 Cracking Maths

11.30 English Procedure Writing

12.15 lunch

In the afternoon log on to Oxford Owls and read your assigned book. Put the next 4 spellings into sentences and take a photo and send them to me. Practise your next 4 spellings and Monday’s ones too.

I was going to teach you a new halloween song “The Dark Disco”. I will see if I can upload it for you to listen to this afternoon. Have a good day.

Maths Time 3 Test B

Maths Time 3rd Class Week 7.jpg


Bun go Barr 3 lch 19.jpg

Bun go Barr (Both Classes) leathanach 19

  1. Cad a bhí a dhéanamh ag Cliona?

Bhí Cliona ag siúl ar an staighre.

Féach ar na pictiúr.

1.Bhí Mamó ag cniotáil sa seomra suí.

Scríobh 1-8 i do chóipleabhar.

H.Níl a fhios agam (neel a iss ogum)

  1. Cá bhfuil an luch?

Níl a fhios agam!

  1. Cá bhfuil Gordó? Tá Gordó sa_______.
  2. Cá bhfuil na brioscaí? Tá na brioscaí sa chófra.

Cracking Maths 3

Have a look at the yellow box that explains how to rename bigger numbers (3 digits HTU).

If the units need extra, you knock next door to the tens to ask for more.

If the tens need extra, you knock next door to the hundreds to ask for more.

Try some of the sums in number 1. a) to f) .

The last one, g) is tricky so I will do that on my whiteboard to show you.

Cracking Maths 3 Tuesday a).jpg

Cracking Maths 3 Tuesday b).jpg

3rd class tricky sum.jpg

You could try other subtraction sums like the one above such as 400-87 or 600- 55 . Remember to knock to hundreds and give 10 to the tens first, then you can help the units by borrowing 1 ten and leaving 9 tens behind.

Procedure Writing Activity (both classes)

Use the template help you to write "How to make a sandwich"

  • Remember to give it a title.
  • Write what is needed (your preference of filling).
  • Next explain the step by step instructions.
  • Use time words and chronological order.
  • Use bossy verbs and adjectives.
  • Say what result you can expect at the end.
  • Maybe write how you could add or swop an ingredient to make a slightly different sandwich.




Draw a picture for each step.

The Dark Disco

I haven't got the music book at home with me so I had to listen to the song and write out the words. I couldn't hear the line before the werewolf one too well so I left a gap. It might be The dog likes to jig? See if you can hear what the missing word is? You can find the actual word when you are back in school and can check the music sheets I gave you.

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