Ms Carty 4th class 25 - 29th May

Hi Girls, below you will find your work for May 25 - 29th, Enjoy :)
Ms Carty 4th class 25 - 29th May

Hi girls,

I hope you're all keeping well, making memories and having fun with your family. I know it is hard to keep motivated to do school work without your friends and teachers so this week I want to see you all getting CREATIVE and having FUN.

It was lovely to see some of you last week from the gates when collecting your copies and books.

Everything for this week will be found on this page!

Have a great week,

Ms Carty.



Hi girls, it was brought to my attention that you need to log in this week to watch chapter 3 I’m sorry for any problems or confusion here. I set up an account you can use when they ask you to log in.

Password: Cc12cc34

Please make sure to put in the capital letter C in the password part!


While we are talking about passwords,

If you don’t have a email account to set up Oxford books you can use the class login. Click on the link below and it will ask you to go to ‘browse the ebook library’ click on this and then it’ll take you to a new page - on the new page on the top right corner it will say class login

the Username is : MsCarty123

password : Cc12cc34

Again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help logging on, thanks.


Below is a link to the third chapter of Harry Potter read by Redmayne. Eddie narrates the Dursleys’ desperate attempts to escape the mysterious letters addressed to Mr H Potter. But will Harry ever get to read one?

Each week there'll be different characters reading a chapter, listen to the first chapter this week and complete the challenge below.

As a class I would like us to all listen to the chapter together this week and at the end complete the challenges to earn yourself some house points, Enjoy :)

Here's the link for chapter 3:


my boat

Write down which character you think was most upset by having to leave Privet Drive in this chapter? Why?

This mini- challenge is worth 2 points.

my boat

Draw the little shack out on the rock. Don’t forget to include the rough sea as well!

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

my boat

Time to pretend you’re Uncle Vernon: In 'The Letters from No One', Uncle Vernon tries to stop Harry’s letters arriving, but they still find their way into the house! Write a list of all the places you think letters like Harry’s might get into your own home. Do you have a chimney? Is there space under the front door for them to squeeze through? What about windows?

This mini-challenge is worth 2 house points.

my boat

Prediction time! This is where you guess what might happen later in the book. Who do you think is writing to Harry?

This mini-challenge is worth 1 house point.

Quiz time: You can complete this quiz at the end of the week based on chapter 3 :



Mr Bonner, Ms Staunton & my reading group here are you spellings for the week and the cloze procedure will appear at the bottom of this page also in the gallery part.


  • Every day take 4 spellings and put them into sentences (use a dictionary or google the meaning)
  • Monday - look, say cover and look for any patterns.
  • Tuesday - Make a rap using 4 of the words.
  • Wednesday - Cloze procedure (see picture below)
  • Thursday - Revise
  • Friday - Ask someone at home to test you.

Spelling List









desert (Where you find camels)


dessert (what you eat after dinner)






Mr Cullen's reading group here are your spellings and Cloze procedure

1. Every day take 2 spellings and put them into sentences (use a dictionary or google the meaning)
2. Monday - look, say cover and look for any patterns.
3. Tuesday - Make a rap using 4 of the words.
4. Wednesday - Cloze procedure (see picture below)
5. Thursday - Revise
6. Friday - Ask someone at home to test you

Spelling list

  1. Owl
  2. howl
  3. bowl
  4. growl
  5. prowl
  6. fowl (a bird like a chicken)
  7. site (building site)
  8. invite

Fill in the blanks

  1. To enter a building _____ everyone must wear a hard hat.
  2. The boy filled his _____ up with cereal and milk.
  3. The ____ sits on the tree at night and hoots.
  4. I heard the angry dog _____.
  5. The robber was on the ______ for a bank to rob.
  6. The ______ was running around the yard and laying eggs.
  7. The wolf let out a big _____ at the moon.
  8. I will ____ my friend over when the Corona Virus is over.


Access E-books (online books) on Please create an account with an email address to access these books. Its free to join!



This week I want you to continue with your maths time everyday and table toppers everyday. I want you to sing some of the times tables songs on youtube under 'laugh along and learn maths times table songs' for whatever tables you feel you need to work on. Read on to see what you can work on this week.

Try out some fun online games to challenge yourself this week - play 15 minutes of it each day:

Here is another link to use : (4th Class Maths section shows all strands/topics in the Irish
Curriculum. This site is free for a small number of activities each day)



These two links will help you the most at home to help improve your Irish.

Click in and listen to a video from this link:

Play some interactive games here: Cluiche

(When you click into the games you might see a menu, choose "An Mhumhain" and click "roghnaigh". This chooses the type of Irish (or dialect) that the children will hear.



Geography: This week we are going to look at the Solar System in further detail.

Watch this video to start:

Create a fact file on a planet of your choice (excluding Earth) in your copy. Use the questions below to help you.

  1. The planet I am researching is ______
  2. It is the ______ planet from the sun (in order)
  3. How far is your planet from the sun?
  4. Describe the temperature on your planet?
  5. How long is a day on your planet?
  6. What is your planet made from?
  7. How many moons does your planet have?
  8. How long would it take to travel to your planet?
  9. Do you think we will ever be able to visit your planet? Explain why/why not?
  10. Draw a picture of your planet?
  11. 3 interesting facts about your planet?

TOP TIP: National Geographic Kids have great web pages for each planet in child-friendly language. Just Google ‘National Geographic Kids’ and the name of the planet you have chosen.


It is so important to remain as active as we can either inside or outside but being careful and staying safe.

Here's a link on the website with excellent links to some fun ways to stay active.



This week we are going to listen to a song and learn a new dance to it again. Some of you might know it - it's called 'Cant Stop the Feeling' by Justin Timberlake. Have fun with it and get your family to join in. :)



This week I want you to try make your own mask. Here's a youtube clip that shows you how to make one.

You may enjoy these websites:


Finally, please try to meditate once a week. You can youtube meditation for kids on youtube or use this link
This is the link for weaving wellbeing and go to Mindfulness Meditations. You could get your family to join in with you.
Ms Carty 4th class 25 - 29th May
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