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Activities for next week


Hi Parents,

We would like to remind you to keep an eye on the Classdojo page for some more stories and ideas to help you through the next few weeks at home. Please remember that Early Start children are young and the most important for them right now is to offer as much opportunity to play as possible.

We understand that this has been a stressful time for everyone and would not like to add to that stress by making you think that you have to complete any or all of the activities that we have suggested. It would be advisable to set aside a portion of every day to read with your child. Picture books with colourful pictures provide great opportunities for your child to improve their oral language. It is also important to foster a love for reading from an early age.

Remind your child of all the nursery rhymes we have done so far this year. If you go to the class dojo page you will be reminded of them there. Try and practice these daily.

Your child was beginning to become more accomplished at colouring before we finished up school. It is important that they keep up practising this skill at home. Some of the pages we have provided give opportunities for the children to colour. Remind them to colour slowly, inbetween the lines and ask them what colour they are using. this will revise their colour names.

Try and encourage your child to practise cutting and using playdough if you have these at home. we will include some pages that the children can cut, colour and use as playdough mats.

Exercise is important. Joe Wicks is doing a daily exercise programme on youtube at 9am every morning. get your child to take part.


butterfly playdough.PNGflower playdough.PNGladybird playdough activity.PNG

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