RSG Junior Infants Ms.Connolly June 22nd to 26th

Hello boys and girls. You have made it to the last full week of Junior Infants.Well done! I hope that you are getting to play outside and meet some friends or even go to the playground.
RSG Junior Infants Ms.Connolly June 22nd to 26th

You can use numbers in fun ways in games such as hopscotch. There might be one in the playground or a grown up can draw one on the ground with chalk.

If you have a deck/pack of playing cards, you can take out all the cards 1-5 and give them to up to 4 players. Each player turns the cards upside down (so they can't see the number!). Each player turns one card around and the player with the highest card wins. If 2 players have the same high number that is called a draw and both players win!

Have a look at the problem solving pages. See if you can tell which shapes were needed to make the pictures. Then see if you can think of new ways to order the colours.

Problem solving colouring 1.PNG Problem solving colouring.PNG

Have a great summer and stay safe.I hope to see you in Senior Infants.

Best wishes


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