Ms Staunton 5th Class June 22nd - 26th

Each week I will post up a new section of reading for you to do. I will include an activity every week based on the story. Happy learning!
Ms Staunton 5th Class June 22nd - 26th

June 22nd - 26th

This is our last week of online work for the year. Well done on the fantastic work you have done this year and I have enjoyed working with you all. Have a lovely summer and I am looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Oxford Owl:

If you have any free time and want to read some more books I will include the link for Oxford Owl website to access E-books. Many of these books are in school and we have used some of them in our reading groups. Choose a book of interest to you. You can set up your own account with an email address. If you have any trouble doing this please email me and I will send you a username and password.


This week I want you to write a book review on Mr Stink. Give your own opinion on what you thought of the book and what you liked and didn't like about it. Here is a template below you can use. You can continue with last week's activities if you haven't finished them.

Book review.jpg

Reading Strategies:

Before reading: Discuss the author, illustrator, title of the book and the blurb and recall what happened in part 1 before Easter.

Remember our Building Bridges strategies and actions that we have been learning to help us understand what we are reading. So far we have learned how to:

-Make predictions (thinking about what might happen before and during reading).

-Make connections (thinking about how the text relates to ourselves, another book/film or the wider world).

-Visualise (creating images in our minds about the story).

-Declunk (If you don't understand a word you're reading you can declunk it! Break it up, peel back the word or use a dictionary).

-Question (ask questions about the text before, during and after reading).

-Clarify (asking for further information about the text).

Please listen to your child read and practice using these strategies (They will be familiar with all of them!).


We have now come to the end of the book. I hope you enjoyed listening to it. Below are some after reading activities to do. They will be up for the next 2 weeks so there is no rush to complete them all by the end of the week. Please email me a picture of any of the work you have done!

After reading spinner.jpg

Use this activity to write questions about Mr Stink. Ask a parent or friend who's read the book to answer some questions.

Sight word fortune teller paper activity.jpg

Dice after reading text.jpg

Book cover.jpg

My email is, please feel free to contact me through this if you have any questions regarding the above work. I hope you and your families are keeping well.

All the best,

Ms Staunton.

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