Ms Staunton Mar30th - Apr3rd: EAL Junior and Senior Infants

Each week I will post a new theme for the children to learn about. I will also include some songs, poems, websites and games to use at home. Happy learning!
Ms Staunton Mar30th - Apr3rd: EAL Junior and Senior Infants

Junior and Senior Infants

Monday March 30th – Friday April 3rd:

Theme of the Week:Farm Animals.


1. Log on to and click ‘Activities’ in the blue section at the top.

2. First, chose ‘Slideshow’ and pick Farm Animals. Next, play the slideshow to learn the names of all the different farm animals. Then press the music button to hear each name.

3. Go back to activities and chose ‘Spelling’ and ‘Matching’ section to play games and practice using the new words you have learned.



-Memory game: 'I went to the farm and I saw...'

-Sound game: ;I spy with my little eye a farm animal beginning with....'

-Word tennis: 2 players, first player says a farm animals name and the second player replies with another name. Keep going until a player can't think of any more farm animals.

Further Resources and Websites:

Below are a number of English language learning websites for you and your child to use at home. I hope you will find them useful and that they will help to continue your child's progress.

  • on any of the themes we have covered so far this year (Classroom language, Family, Transportation, Food/Eating, Body/Health, Describing People) to access games and worksheets.
  • https://www.twinkl.ieTwinkl are offering one month free subscription to parents. Use code CVDTWINKLHELPS. You will find themed work, games, worksheets and a variety of different activities for all class levels.
  • http://en.childrenslibrary.orgThe International Children's Library is a fantastic resource to read and listen to books in a variety of different languages. They offer books in English, Arabic, French, Croatian, Filipino/Tagalog, Portugese, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. To begin click on 'First Time Readers' and choose the language you wish to read in and pick from a vast range of books.

My school email is, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the above work.

I hope you and your families are keeping safe at this time,

Ms Staunton

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