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SET Maths 3rd ,4th and 5th/6th Classes May 7th to 15th

Hi girls. I’m sure you had a very active week last week. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and getting out for fresh air most days.Have a look at the activities below and give them a go!
SET Maths 3rd ,4th and 5th/6th Classes May 7th to 15th

Please email if you have any problems or if you want to show your work for correction


The following are some games to practise tables and number bonds :




Revise x9 Thursday and Friday this week

Each class group will revise their 8 times tables next week. Use your speedy tables board for daily practise.

3rd Class

Do 2 rows of x8 speedy tables on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday/Thursday and Friday

Do Mental Maths Tests 19 and 22 today and tomorrow

Then do tests 23 to 26 each day Monday to Thursday (If you can,email them on Friday)

Maths Together Worksheets: Chapter 6: Halves ,Quarters & Eights

*Look at how we can use our multiples of 4s to get a quarter of a number on page 6-7

Share means divide. Each portion/share must be equal. 8 divided by 4. Count in 4s until you get to 8 : 4,8

You get 2 counts of 4. That means that 8 divided by 4 is 2.

What would 16 divided by 4 be? Count in 4s: 4,8,12,16. 4 counts of 4. So 16 divided by 4 is 4. Try it for 24 and other multiples of 4 eg 12,36,20,28,32.

*Remember you can also get ¼ of a number by halving it and halving it again (half it twice)

Look at the fraction wall. Start at the bottom with the eights. 2 eights is the same as how many quarters? See what 2/8 match to above. Thats right! ¼

Now do the same for 4/8 - how many quarters/halves does it match?

Page 6-8

This page revises ½ s and ¼ s and introduces . Each slice = ⅛ so 3 slices =⅜

*Next week:

Page 6-9 Colour ⅛ and draw a line to divide the shapes in ½ and colour one half

Page 6-10 Draw a loop around ⅛

  1. Count how many are in the set
  2. Divide that number into ⅛ s by halving the amount and halving it 3 times
  3. You can also count in 8s up to the number like we did with our multiples of 4

Eg 16 divided by 8: count in 8s : 8,16 The answer is 2.

Page 6-11 Practice your division by 8. Simply count in 8s to the number so

40 divided by 8 is 8,16,24,32,40 ie 5! Try to memorise some.

**Remember if 8x5=40, then 5x8=40 and 40 divided by 8=5 and 40 divided by 5=8

Page 6-12 Revise ½, ¼ and ⅛ . Can you say what fraction is shaded? Sometimes you will be able to say it several ways eg 4/8 or 2/4 or ½


4th Class

Revise x9 Thursday and Friday this week

Next week revise x8. Do 2 rows of x8 speedy tables on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday and Friday

*Keep practising long multiplication every day or 2. Use you 8s

24 32

X8 x28 Keep the numbers low for practise.Send me a photo of work by email

Topic: Data





Do some activities from chapter 11 in your Cracking Maths book p.70 to 82

Make your own survey of Favourite Colour/Singer/Meal etc. Ask your family members or friends by text if needed. Create a bargraph of your findings.

5th/6th Class

Revise x9 Thursday and Friday this week

Next week revise x8. Do 3 rows of x8 speedy tables on Monday, 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 on Thursday and Friday

Do Mental Maths daily

P.32 Mon 1-12 today Thursday

P.32 Mon (word probs at the bottom) on Friday

p.32 Tues 1-12 on Monday

p.32 Tue (word probs at the bottom) on Tuesday

p.33 Wed 1-12 on Wednesday

P.33 Thurs 1-12 on Thursday

P.33Wed and Thurs (word probs at the bottom) on Friday

Topic: Decimals

Worksheet 10.3:

number 1: What is the value of the underlined figure

***Be careful! the no. to the left of the point is only a unit, after the point is 1/10 or 1/100

Number 2: Express a decimal as pence or cent

Number 3: Express a fraction of money. Some are mixed numbers ie 1 1/10 =1.10

Number 4:Express an amount involving ⅕ s as a decimal. Convert ⅕ to 1/10s first

(hint double top and bottom eg ⅗ =6/10 )

Worksheet 10.4:Introducing 1/100 =0.01

Number 1 write the numbers shown on the abacus as a decimal e.g. 24.11

(the pt goes after the unit)

Number 2:Convert 1/10 s to 1/100s **hint multiply top and bottom by 10 so 8/10 =80/100

Number 3: write the fraction as a decimal. Some are mixed numbers ie whole numbers and fraction/decimal ***Don’t forget 1/100 =0.01

Number 4: Write the numbers as decimals. Write the unit, then point _ _ 1/10s 1st then 1/100

number 5: What is the value of the underlined figure




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