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September and October in Ms Kennedy's Junior Infants

September and October in Ms Kennedy's Junior Infants

Aistear Time

Since we began in Warrenmount in September we have had so much fun. We do Aistear every day in school and we are so lucky to have a beautiful Aistear room. During Aistear we have the opportunity to play in a number of different play areas- construction, small world, play dough and role play. Each month we focus on a particular theme. September's theme was Home and Baby and October's was the School. We pretended to be mammies, daddies and babies during the month of September. In October we were acting as teachers, SNAs, pupils, secretaries and caretakers in the school. We try to use all of the language that we have learned in class when we are playing with our friends. Here are some pictures of us in the Aistear room.




Learning in Class

We have been working really hard in class in September and October also. In maths we have learned about sets, numbers, sorting, matching, 2D and 3D shapes and patterns. We work in small groups of 5 children when we are learning maths so we get a great opportunity to work closely with our teachers. In English we have done lots of pre-phonics work like alliteration, rhyme, listening exercises and body percussion. We have learned language around themes such as Autumn, homes, families, school and Halloween for English and SESE. We learn new words every week through a programme called Talk Time, we now know 20 new words! We have read lots of new stories and learned songs and poems based on out themes also. We love to go to PE twice a week, we visit the library and we do art each Friday. We have started to learn Irish and we love it.

We have had a great start to our year in Junior Infants and we look forward to a great year ahead!

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