Reading Recovery Home Learning 15.06-19.6.20

Reading Recovery Home Learning 15.06-19.6.20

Home Learning Reading Recovery 15.06. – 19.06.2020

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and enjoying the great weather. I hope everyone can keep working hard for the next few weeks until the summer holidays!

Here are the books for this week’s reading for the Reading Recovery Pupils – Leo, Chaima, Talha and Zara. There are lots of non fiction book also in each section that the children can read along side each of the three books. There are plenty of different categories to choose from.

As always, please follow the link to find your books for the week ahead:

Please take some time to listen to your child reading and to discuss the book, it really is so important! Enjoy reading them! All of you are moving really fast through your colour book so well done! If you find that the books I have chosen are too easy, then move onto the next colour code. Just drop me an email so I can keep up to date with which books have been completed for my records. Please read the following books:

Chaima : Red Band A (A Night at the Gallery, A day Out, Animal Coats)

Talha: Orange (Fire, Fire, First Day, How to make Pop Up Cards)

Leo: Blue: (Animals in Hiding, Arctic Life, Bert’s Band)

Zara: Red B (What do you like? What’s for Breakfast?, Where is the Wind)

  • Read the book on your own
  • Listen to the book being read out loud (Press Play)
  • Click on the green circle for any unknown words
  • Click on the red circle to answer some questions based on the story & recognising key words

There are lots of reading activities that can be done at home and only take a few minutes.

I mentioned last week about the tricky words, hopefully you got a chance to do this. We will continue this activity each week as knowing the tricky words will really help with your child's reading.

Choose five new words from the list below each week for your child. Write them out or print them if is possible.

  • Where’s the word?– Take all words out of envelope and place them facing up. Ask your child to find a word (e.g. One) as fast as they can. Give clues as necessary (This word has 3 letters etc.,).
  • What’s the Word?– Same as previous game except you change roles. Ask the child to pick a word from the envelope. They then have to describe it to you (eg. It is a colour)
  • Kim’s Game– Present 3 words (or more/ less depending on your child’s confidence with their words) to your child. Ask the children to close their eyes, and then take one of the words away. Ask your child to open their eyes and see if they can remember the word you took way.
  • If you've any questions or want another selection of books to choose from, please email me at

Have a great week ahead,

Ms Hanrahan

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