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Reading Recovery Home Learning 11.5 - 15.5.2020

Reading Recovery Home Learning 11.5 - 15.5.2020

Reading Recovery Home Learning 11th – 15th May

Hi boys and girls, hope everyone is safe and keeping well and getting out to enjoy some fresh air each day.

I have some books that I will assign each pupil that I see daily for Reading Recovery – Leo, Chaima, Talha and Zara.

Just to remind you how to access these books please follow these instructions:

I will choose three new books each week for your child. Enjoy reading them! Please read the following books

Chaima : Pink Band B (In the desert, In the forest, In the jungle)

Talha: Green (Jodie the Juggler, Olympic Heroes, Scary Hair)

Leo: Yellow (Dance to the beat, Doing Nothing, Discover Mars)

Zara: Red B (Bad Bat, Ben and Bobo, Bones)

  • Read the book on your own
  • Listen to the book being read out loud (Press Play)
  • Click on the green circle for any unknown words
  • Click on the red circle to answer some questions based on the story
  • If you want, write out a sentence from your favourite page, jumble up the words and stick them correctly into your scrapbook.

There are lots of reading activities that can be done at home and only take a few minutes.

  • Rhyme words as much as possible
  • Play phonemic awareness games. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear sounds, pull the sounds apart and put them back together. It’s basically everything you can do with words with your eyes closed.
  • Some ideas are, saying a word and having your child tell you the first, middle, or ending sound. You can say the word and ask them to say all the sounds. Say the sounds and have your child tell you the word. The idea is to get your child to begin to hear that words have separate sounds. This is the first step in being able to sound out words in text.
  • Practice the alphabet song, the sooner your child knows the names of the letters, the sooner your child will be able to put the letter to the name.

Have a lovely week,

Ms Hanrahan

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