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RSG Junior Infants Ms.Connolly May 25th to 29th

Hello boys and girls. I bet you are glad that the wind has calmed down and we have lovely sunny weather to enjoy. Please try some of the activities below and make sure to have lots of outdoor fun!
RSG Junior Infants Ms.Connolly May 25th to 29th

Keep counting forwards to 10 every day like in class. Sometimes you can clap side to side, sometimes you can stand and sit, or walk forwards and clap your hands. You could get someone to say "1" and then you say "2" and they say "3" and so on. next time you start at "1"

You can also practice counting backwards from 10. You could walk backwards or in the opposite direction and tap your back to remind you that you are counting backwards.Get an adult/older sibling to choose random numbers to count back from 10 e.g they say “8” and you have to think what number comes before 8-That's right! It is 7! Then you keep counting back 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. Then they choose another number like 6 and you count back 5,4,3,2,1.

Count things in your home up to 5 : colouring pencils , spoons, plates. Count the objects forward and backward 1,2,3,4,5 and then 5,4,3,2,1.

Next see how many ways you can partition 5 using 2 plates or one plate with a long pencil separating it in 2 halves.Make 5 as many ways as you can: 4 and 1,3 and 2 and so on.

IMG_20200507_091803 (1).jpg

Now I want you to partition 4.Make 4 as many ways as you can: 3 and 1, 2 and 2 and so on.

When you have practised this a few times you can play the game Box Numbers. If you don't have a little box, a bowl or a cup turned upside down will do:

You have to close your eyes and the other person hides some of the 5 small items under the bowl/cup or in the little box. They leave the rest of the items in view. So if the person hides some coins and you can see 2, you have to work out how many are hiding? Can you remember the number that goes with 2 to make 5?Is there another way to work it out? Repeat the game using 4 objects next time.

Spatial awareness: can u describe where things are in the room? I have a mirror above my fireplace. I put my slippers under my bed. The soap is between the taps. I park my car at the front of the house. The bins are kept behind the house. Here is an activity to teach you all about those words


There are some websites to help you with counting,matching and ordering numbers 1-10



This next one helps with comparing.Sometimes they want you to click the one with More and sometimes they want you to click the one with Fewer (the smaller amount). Be careful! You can click on the speaker and it will call it out to you.


Please contact me by email if you need help with any of the above : olivia.lindon@warrenmountprimary.com

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Hi to all the boys and your parents, we have a special message for you from all your teachers in Warrenmount. Congratulations on your Graduation and the very best of luck to you all in your new schools. We will miss you!
Have a look back on some of our memories in Junior Infants!
Hi girls.I hope you are all well and enjoying some time outdoors and mixing with family and friends. You have made it to the last full week of homeschool.Well done!
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