Ms Diskin 5th Class June 15th -19th

Ms Diskin 5th Class June 15th -19th

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Ms Diskin 5th Class June 15th -19th

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Hi Girls

I hope you are all keeping well. Well done to all the girls who completed the Geography Quiz. This week we turn to Science. I will assign an end of year Quiz which you begin when you like as long as you try finish it by Friday. We are continuing with Figure it Out 5 Test Yourself Review, 2 Mental math and Word Problems.. pages 89 -91. For Science you can use the online book on Cj Fallons or the pages I’ve uploaded to google class . We did not use this book but we did many of the topics so there will be some questions you don’t have the answers , For this you can use google to seek answers .We will video chat at 12 noon on Tuesday and 12 noon on Friday. The work for the week is as follows

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Monday June 15th

Read your Library Book

Submit your Geography

Begin your Maths Figure it Out Test yourself 2 page 89 questions 1-30 use your calculator to help if you need.

Tuesday June 16th

Continue with Figure it out Maths p89 Test yourself 2 questions 1-20 skip any percentage questions that you cannot do we will go over them today at 12 on the video chat

Read your library Book

Begin you Science Questions

Video Chat 12 noon .

Please make the effort to be there!!! Some girls have made a great effort and have not missed even one video chat. This is an important opportunity to prepare nad review the week’s work

Wednesday June 17th

Continue with Figure it Out page 90 Mental Math

Read your library book

Continue with your Science

Thursday June 18th

Continue with Figure it Out 5 page 91 Written problems. Question 1-6

Read your library book

Continue with Science

Friday June 19th

Finish Figure it out 5 page 91 Written problems Questions 7-12 Math

Read your library book

Finish your Science Quiz and submit it to Video Chat at 12 noon. We will correct the Science Quiz so please have it with you

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