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Maths Group Ms Doherty June 3rd-5th

Maths Group Ms Doherty June 3rd-5th

Week June 3rd-5th, this is a short week due to the bank holiday.

Here are your activities for this week. Practice for 30mins and make sure an adult helps you with your work everyday.

Counting: with a parent

  • Count forwards and backwards from 1-40.
  • Stand up sit down counting. Starting at 1 (standup) 2 (sit down) 3 (stand up) etc
  • Pick a different number to start each time. For example: start at 6 and count forwards. Count at 17 and count backwards.
  • Number sequence: Parent says two numbers you say one. For example: 22,23,? 15,14, ?
  • Count in 5’s as far as you can, you can also start at different numbers. Like this: 15, 20... now keep going! Practice forwards and backwards.

Practice your Maths Skills on Splashlearn, I have setup individual activities for each student. If you still haven't logged on parents can email me for your child's individual code for the individualised work I have set her. Ms Noone has already given codes to all parents. It is really important that your child accesses this work as it is all set to her own individual level of ability.

  1. Go to www.splashlearn.com/login
  2. Select class
  3. Enter class code: DPQLDO
  4. Select your name and individual password/code

Practice your tables here www.themathsfactory.com this week we will do 5s: addition, subtraction and multiplication.

At Home Maths Challenges

Game 1: Number Hunt Sets of 16

  1. Write down the number 16
  2. Look in your house for objects that match the number.
  3. How many sets of 16 can you make

Have fun and remember it gets trickier the higher the numbers, see if you can get past number 16!!

Game 2: How many sums can you do

  1. Get 16 pieces of pasta
  2. Get a ruler, a pencil and two pieces of paper.
  3. Draw two small circles, and addition sign and a big circle on your page
  4. Put your pasta in each circle.
  5. See how many sums you can make by moving your pasta from one side to the other, or even taking away a few pieces.
  6. Make sure to write down ALL of your sums!

Game 3: singing!! Practice your tables by singing along https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ7TsTfuO2Zn3cmXLc62Ldg

Practice sums: copy out a page of sums in your copy each day: click https://educateplus.ie/ppresource/work-it-out-maths-1st-class

Game 4: Addition https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-1 practice Understand Addition B1-B4 and Addition Skill Builders C1-C10

Game 5: Comparing https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-1 practice J1-J5

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