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First Class Maths Groups Ms.Healy/Ms.Coyne May 25th to 29th

Hello boys and girls.I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and getting out for fresh air most days.Have a look at the activities below and do your best.
First Class Maths Groups Ms.Healy/Ms.Coyne May 25th to 29th


You can practice counting in 2s,5s and 10s using this site:


Numerals from 1-1000

I hope that you had fun practising reading big numbers like the one below

If you have a number like 246

The red number is called out first, followed by the word “hundred” So in this case two hundred/200

Next you say the word “and” followed by the last 2 digits (yellow and green) together and forty six/46

Say it altogether and it reads “two hundred and forty six”


Sometimes there are no units so you just say __hundred and 10/20/30 etc Try these:

350,420,860 and so on

Sometimes there are no tens! So you just say __hundred and 1/2/3/4 etc up to 9

502,103,709 and so on

Making and reading numbers beyond 100 using digit cards

This week I want you to use 3 digits and move them around to make as many numbers as you can:

IMG_20200519_125830.jpg If you read the number as it is that is your first number 371. next put the 7 at the front and see what number you get.

There are 6 numbers to find. Can you see what is a) the biggest number and b) the smallest number you made. Try these next ones and watch out for the zero!

IMG_20200519_130044 (1).jpg

Try 9 4 0

Here are some sites/games that will help you with tens and units, ordering numbers up to 100



Here is a game to help you practice adding doubles


This next game allows you to practise number bonds to 10/20/100 and doubles to 10 and beyond!


Please contact me by email if you need help with any of the above : olivia.lindon@warrenmountprimary.com

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Hi to all the boys and your parents, we have a special message for you from all your teachers in Warrenmount. Congratulations on your Graduation and the very best of luck to you all in your new schools. We will miss you!
Have a look back on some of our memories in Junior Infants!
Hi girls.I hope you are all well and enjoying some time outdoors and mixing with family and friends. You have made it to the last full week of homeschool.Well done!
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