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Ms Carty Maths May 4 - 8th

Hi girls, You will find this weeks maths here for May 4th - 8th
Ms Carty Maths May 4 - 8th

Please continue on doing one day of maths times and table toppers each day. Listen to the times tables songs on youtube under 'laugh along and learn maths times table songs' for whatever tables we are focusing on this week in Table toppers.

This week we are going to recap on Long multiplication. Anyone who works with Ms Lindon please see her section of the website.

Here is some multiplication to do in you copies: Aim to take 3 a day

19 x 6 = 25 x 42 = 76 x 10 =
72 x 3 = 86 x 54 = 96 x 10 =
36 x 19 = 37 x 78 = 22 x 50 =

19 x 12 14 x 23= 18x 30 =

10x 10= 12 x 34= 12 x 16 =

Remember that we write these down vertically and don’t forget that zero for
the long multiplication sums!

Please check your answers using a calculator on your phone.

You might enjoy the following websites too.

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Hi girls.I hope you are all well and enjoying some time outdoors and mixing with family and friends. You have made it to the last full week of homeschool.Well done!
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