Ms Diskin 5th Class May 11-15th

Ms Diskin 5th Class May 11-15th

5th Class Ms Diskin May 11th -15th

Hi Girls

I hope you are all well. By now I’m sure you’re all well used to working at home and I do hope that you all have a good routine that works for you. We will have a google video chat on Tuesday at 12 and Friday at 12. Please feel free to turn off your cameras if you prefer. Please try and make the google class chat as it is nice to talk with you and hear how you are getting on. Then afterwards on Friday anyone who wants to go on Roblox can go to Class Albert So this week we will focus on Geography for the week. Our topic is The European Community. I am also posting pages from Away with Words pages 4 and 5 for English work on Google Classroom I will ask you to create a project about the European Community or to do the questions on the pages .It's your choice.You can submit your work to me on Friday. Please include 10 interesting facts in your project. If you chose to use Adobe Spark, you can share that to me using my email address. You can do your own research or you can use the pages from Ch. 12 geography Quest to help you, Cj Fallons publish Geography Quest and History Quest and they have their books online you can sign up for a free account or use the pages I posted. As always girls if you have any problems post your comments on Google Class,

The work for the week is as follows:

Monday May 11th

Math Time Week 32A

Read a chapter of your library book

Start your Geography

Tuesday May 12th

Math Time Week 32B

Read a chapter of your library book

Begin your research on the European Community. Try and find out why it began and what countries were involved.

Google Class video chat at 12

Wednesday May 13th

Math Time week 32C

Read a chapter of your library book

Away with Words page 4 and 5

Thursday May 7th14rh

Math Time Week 32D

Read a chapter of your library book

Finish your English Away with Words

Continue with your Geography

Friday May 8th May

Math Time Week 32E

Read a chapter of your library book

Submit your Geography

Write a letter to me telling about how you’re feeling at this time being away from school for so long, Tell me also what your best memory of 5th class in Warrenmount was.? I know I have a great memory but I want to hear yours, we can also share our favourite memories from 5th class on google chat at 12 noon.

Share your Gography project or questions with me or if you cannot share it take a picture of each slide. if you cannot use Adobe then you can do your project in your copy and take a picture of it.

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